Regulations on Review of Ultra-tall Booths and Special Structures

To all exhibition (event) sponsors concerned,

To further strengthen the safety management of structures built on-site and guarantee the safe on-site construction for exhibitions and events at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center (SWEECC), SWEECC will require the booths with a height exceeding the specified threshold, temporary structures and special structures (such as outdoor tents, stages, etc.) to be reviewed in terms of their drawings or safety qualification of their builders. At the same time, the sponsors should clearly define the responsibilities of each entity for on-site safety, inform and supervise the exhibition or event builders (constructors). The specific requirements are as follows:

I. Safety of construction

1. Wind resistance level of outdoor structures

The main structure of outdoor booths and temporary structures (including main gates) at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center should withstand winds of Beaufort force 8 and gusts of Beaufort force 9 (10 for tents), as a minimum. Under exceptional circumstances, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center has the right to request the organizer and builder to take measures such as temporary reinforcement or removal.

2. Requirements for drawing review of indoor and outdoor booths and temporary structures

Indoor booths with a height exceeding the specified height and temporary structures, as well as all outdoor booths higher than 2.5m and temporary structures (including but not limited to: registration, main gates, background board, accent wall) above 2.5 meters, must be examined and approved by a national first-class registered structural engineer. At the same time, the enterprise (drawing review company) which the national first-class registered structural engineer works for is responsible for on-site construction supervision and bears the corresponding responsibility.

3. Areas to be reviewed and height limits

Area Height
# 1 Hall 5 meters
# 2-4 Hall 4.5 meters
Others indoor areas (Middle Hall and Conference Rooms) 4.5 meters
Outdoor 2.5 meters

Organizers can choose a qualified drawing review company for exhibitions & events (each exhibition & event has only one designated drawing review company), and shall notify the Security Department of SWEECC of the contact information of the drawing review company and the resident supervisor 30 days before the official entry to the Center, and urge the drawing review company to submit the materials of the booths and temporary structures reviewed to the Security Department for filing before the entry. As for ultra-tall booths and temporary structures that are not reviewed, SWEECC has the right to refuse the builders’ entry or suspend their on-site construction.

4. Review of safety qualification for special structures

(1) Outdoor tents

For any tents in the outdoor square of SWEECC, a paper copy of qualification certificates, of the builders (including but not limited to: business license, mechanical calculation of tent structure, fire retardant report of tarpaulin, etc.) with seals, which must meet the laws and regulations of the competent authorities, shall be submitted to the Security Department of the Center for record. At the same time, the builders shall go through the procedures for entering the venue according to relevant regulations and assume corresponding responsibilities. The organizer should pay close attention to the weather in real time. In case of extreme weather (such as typhoon or rainstorm), the organizer should arrange the staff of the builder (constructor) personnel to reinforce the structure and strengthen night duty as required by the Center, or demolish the structure in emergency.

(2) Stage

For all stages to be set up at SWEECC, a paper copy of qualification certificates of the builders should be submitted to the Security Department of the Center for filing. Without such certificates, the structure must be examined by the drawing review company before the builder’s entry to the venue. For a stage requiring a third-party test report by the management department, the on-site inspection acceptance report should also be submitted.

(3) Other special structures

For other special structures, the organizer or the constructor shall provide relevant materials 30 days before entry to the Center as required by the Center or competent management department.

II. Safety responsibility

1. Supervisory responsibility

The client (sponsor/exhibitor/builder) shall require the drawing review company to send their engineers to supervise on-site construction and to assume corresponding supervision and management responsibilities.

2. Safety Responsibility entity

The Organizer shall assume the supervision responsibility for overall safety of exhibition and event venues. It shall supervise and urge all exhibitors and builders to review drawings and submit relevant materials as required, as well as carry out construction according to drawing in a safe manner. The exhibitor’s and constructor’s persons responsible for safety should carry out safety management on site. In addition, after receiving the permit for construction at SWEECC, the builder will be regarded as voluntarily abiding by the above safety requirements and taking full responsibility for the construction safety on site. In case of any issues or losses caused by the drawing reviewing company’s failure to supervise, the builder will assume liabilities for all consequences on its own.

3. Liability for violation

For any builders who violate the above safety requirements, SWEECC has the right to take appropriate management measures to punish them accordingly.

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center

March 2019


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